Bhakt Prahlad School

We are very pleased to introduce  you to a wonderfull krishna consiousness and spiritual  world through  weekly classes in which the emphasis is given to train the children in character and values to add more in the modern education system which our children follow nowadays and thus forming the very basis of life .
We follow prabhupada quote :
Children's are not ordinary, they are vaikuntha children , and we can give them chance to advance further in krishna consiousness . That  is very great responsibility  , do not neglect it or be confused.
                                                         -by srila prabhupada 
Following  are the integral part of the school:-
Moral Education       
* shloka Recitation
* Krishna Consiousness Life Style
* Drawing
* Dance/Kirtan
* Story Telling
* Quiz 
Childrens are trained in the different activities  by qualified  teachers which passes both material and spritual qualification. 
We run above featured classes as " BHAKT PRAHLAD SCHOOL"  on every sunday .
                          At ISKCON TEMPLE 
                          laxmansar , Amritsar.
Timings: 09:00AM to 11:00AM 
               (Every sunday)

Laxmansar Temple:8054926060

Vrindavan garden Temple:9914340213