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Choose your sewa you desire from the following sewas and receive the blessings of their lordships...

Aarti Sewa
Mangala Aarti
Dhoopa Aarti
Raj Bhoga Aarti
Dhoopa Aarti
Sandhya Aarti
Shayana Aarti
Flower Garlands
Bal Bhoga
Milk & Fruits
Raj Bhoga
Shayan Bhoga
Ekadasi Breakfast
Ekadasi Lunch
Sunday Feast

"One should distribute vishnu-prasada to everyone, including the poor man, the blind man, the nondevotee and the non-brahmana. Knowing that Lord Vishnu is very pleased when everyone is sumptuously fed with vishnu-prasada, the performer of yajna should then take prasada with his friends and relatives." (Srimad Bhagvatam 8.16.56)

You can book in advance for some particular events like Birthday and Marriage Anniversary or some other Auspicious Days and Festivals and get blessed.

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