House Program

Satsang is association of people who are searching for eternal truth. It is arranged through the Iskcon Temple at homes of interested people. It is effective in motivating participants to cultivate devotional habits with a sense of love for Krishna which manifest itself in increased happiness and peacefulness. Congregation members and new comers to temple are encouraged to come in the program to start a new phase of spiritual awakening in one's life.

The program consist of Kirtana the Holy names of Lord Krishna, spiritual discussion on Bhagavad-gita or other Vedic scriptures, Question/Answer session and concludes with prasad (sanctified food offered to Lord).   For these kind of Program you can plan on the occasion of your birthday, marriage aniversary, etc....  

For arranging a Satsang Program at your place you may contact:

H.G. Shyamanad Das

Ph: +91-9509509698

Temple Manager
HG Narayan Das
Ph: +91-78375-33573